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Wednesday, June 09, 2021

John Carter Leaps into Action

Here's a 28mm John Carter of Mars. I like him well enough, though he didn't turn out quite as well as Tars Tarkas. I do like that he has some definition in his face, though, and the metallic parts of his harness provide a hint of realism. 

This side-by-side comparison shows that Green Martians are much taller than humans and the humanoid Martian species. 

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Jeff Shyluk said...

"Just one more mountain to climb, my friend, and over that rise!" John Carter of Mars gritted his teeth, and together he and Tars Tarkas ran towards the cliff wall that towered over them, solid red ramparts that gleamed with seams of gold and undiscovered jewels. Tars Tarkas covered the distance quickly, yet John Carter was able to traverse the Barsoomian plain in two giant leaps, his Earth-toned muscles supple and powerful in the low gravity.

"When we find your Dejah Thoris," growled the green Thark, "I expect we will fight until we are soaked with the blood of our enemy. My sword arm shall not tire until we have found her and rescued her."

John Carter bore on, his face dark with rage. The mystic eye he carried in his belt pouch told him all that he needed to know. Dejah Thoris was indeed in the clutches of the fiend, helpless in his iron grip. She did not scream for help, but endured her suffering in stoic silence, as befit a true Princess of Barsoom. The monster cackled as he daubed gaudy paint all over her lovely body. Who knew how she could be recognized when the madman had finished with her?

(Try not to cackle too loudly, friend fiend, when you turn your paintbrush upon the glorious form of Dejah Thoris!)