Thursday, May 12, 2005

From the Depths

I shun you, kneeling one.

A couple of days ago, Bruce told me, "Your life is running you." The implication being that it should be the other way around.

He's right, and it's why I haven't updated this blog in over a month.

Now, to more interesting business: the photo. Though it's obviously very old, it's new to me: I spent a weekend scanning old negatives I had tucked away in one of my photo albums, and this was probably the most intriguing picture of the bunch. That's me, of course, walking towards the camera, and I recognize Leduc Junior High School in the background. I took a photography course in Industrial Arts in Grade 8, so the year is probably 1982 or 83. I don't know who's kneeling behind me, nor do I know who took the photo. I recognize the "Skarenko's Scorpions" shirt I'm wearing; Miss Sklarenko was my Grade 6 teacher, and she gave us the shirts.

Was the photo something I staged with a classmate or two? Or did one of the other guys in the photo class just shoot a candid that happened to have me in it?

I have no idea. And it makes me angry. We lose so much as we grow older. Memories should not be lost so easily.


Anonymous said...

How can you recognize LJHS in the background?????


Sean Woods said...

I can make out the buildings at the top of the photo, far right.

Does anyone have "This is the End" going though their head as they look at the photo?

Anonymous said...

I guess you're right... at first I thought that maybe they were pants hanging along a clothes line???