Thursday, August 04, 2005

Earl's on Film...Earl's on Film

A work in progress: cover for special edition DVD of Generous Nature

Cover for a DVD Field Guide of Chaos/Order Agents

One of the current frustrations in my life is my DVD burner's inability to, well, burn. It plays DVDs, loads software off DVD-roms, but will it actually do the thing I bought it for - namely, archive my home movies? NO.

So I work off some of my frustration by using Photoshop to fool around with DVD covers. The top cover is, obviously, a work in progress, a cover for the eventual DVD of a film we of the U of A Star Trek club completed back gods, I guess it must be 1988 or 89. Yikes. Anyway, I chose fonts that I hope evoke a Mob sensibility, and a black background to hint at the darkness of the story. A few stills adorn the back, but I'm going to need to put a blurb of some kind back there, too. The film itself is only five minutes long or so, a simple story in which Roarke Norway, played by the inimitable Jeff Shyluk, has his teeth ripped out at the command of the merciless "Boss," played by the irrepressible Tony Longworth. It's probably most famous for this exchange of timeless dialogue, by Shyluk and his future wife, Susan Neumann:

"Oh, Roarke! I love you so much!"
"And I love you too, my darling!"
"Oh, Roarke! Kiss me!"

And he does.

The second cover is for the eventual DVD archive of my completed Chaos/Order project - which is, believe it or not, moving forward, in between speeches, blog entries, and my entry into the Strange New Worlds contest.

If any graphic artists out there have suggestions or critiques, I'd be glad to read them.


Sean Woods said...

It would appear that my lips have been scissored by some evil cretin.

Who's the blonde fox? = )

Allan Sampson said...

I wonder if that blonde fox worked through her quandary of whether to date the captain of the football team, or a rich lawyer.

Earl J. Woods said...

The "blonde fox" is Rachel, last name unremembered. She was one of fifteen people who took part in the "Scuba Trek" down to Los Angeles back in 1992.

I'm betting she went with the lawyer.

ZeeBride said...

I'm flattered that Scuba Babe gets to be on the spine, facing out to the world.

Earl J. Woods said...

Scuba Babe was, after all, a key character. Plus, she had the best costume. Well, along with Whip Woman and Manhating Spikeheel.