Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Only Logical Choice

Photo by Akemi Matsubuchi

Sylvia and I will be getting married on August 4, 2007! Will our pairing be as classic as Nick and Nora? Green Arrow and Black Canary? Buffy and Angel? The Professor and Mary Ann? Gumby and Pokey? Charlie Brown and the Little Red-Haired Girl? It's impossible to say, but I look forward to finding out what kind of future we build together.

A little over two years ago, before I met Sylvia, I couldn't imagine ever being in this situation, and I suppose I can expect some ribbing for all the skepticism with which I treated romance. But now that the shoe is on the other foot, I'm happy to dine on some humble pie and enjoy my terrific fortune. Sylvia's a great catch, and I'm very glad that I took a risk when I met her and decided to be open to all the possibilities she offered.

Now the planning begins. Sylvia wants a girly wedding, while I want something a little more...eccentric. There's going to be a little give and take, pushing and pulling, and in the end I think we'll come up with something unique. In any event, it's going to be one heck of a party, and I know I'll be checking out Andrea's site more carefully for clues and tips on how to proceed.

Wish us luck!


Sean Woods said...

I have nothing to say, other than that is a very nice picture.

Earl J. Woods said...

You posted the comment before I finished adding text to the post! Amazing.

Sean Woods said...

Yes, and now my original post looks crude and heartless...


Anonymous said...

Truth be told, I lucked out when I met Earl. We started a friendship over a few games of Scrabble and now here we are. I am grateful you took a risk as I so enjoy sharing my life with you. It continues to be alot of fun.
My hope is that our wedding ends up to be one big party surrounded by friends and family filled with laughter, celebration and of course, alot of booze! LOL!

Love you Earl.


For those of you suppressing the urge to gag - just give me this one sweet sentiment! Lol!

Dylan said...

Congratulations from Dylan and Rob Vogt (who are definitely not a classic pairing).

Liam J. said...

Dylan and Vogter: Like Abbott and Costello - a truly classic pairing.

Congratulations, Earl, from one lucky bum to another.

Dylan said...

Abbott and Costello?

Bite me, Johnstone.

Again, congrats, Earl.

Earl J. Woods said...

Thank you very much, Sean, Dylan and Liam - it's appreciated. And Dylan, please say thanks and hi to Rob for me!

ZeeBride said...

Well done! Congrats to both you and Sylvia from both Greg and myself.


Jeff P. said...

Nice Picture.