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Monday, October 31, 2005

How to Carve a Wild Pumpkin

First harvest and wash a fine, round, orange pumpkin.

Then, draw a face or other pattern upon the hapless gourd.

Then, give your crazed girlfriend a sharp knife.

Next, remove the pumpkin's fleshy skull and expose its gooey brains.

Stab the pumpkin in the eye, YAAAAAAAAH!

If thine pumpkin's eye offend thee, PLUCK IT OUT! (If you're a fan of Roger Corman urban legends, then cry, "I CAN STILL SEE!")

If thine pumpkin's other eye and its nose should offend thee, THEN PLUCK THEM OUT TOO!

Do thou the same for thy pumpkin's mocking mouth!

Carve thee thine symbol of Star Trek upon the pumpin's rear, for 'tis the season.

Light thee thine pumpkin alight, and let its fearsome visage carve a path of horror through the night.


susan_rn92 said...

Great pictures! I should have guessed that you carve a Star Trek symbol. Did you know that Halloween pumkins are the only creatures on earth with triangle eyes? Ooooh, spooky!

Sean Woods said...

That picture of Sylvia rolling her eyes is priceless!

Anonymous said...

The pictures turned out pretty good and the "pumpkin carving experience" was much easier than I remember. Sadly, as Halloween draws to a close, off to the garbage are first "couple" pumpkin shall go :(. There is always next year.

Sean - I thought you might enjoy my picture of dismay. Truth be told, it was my ideal to add a little Star Trek flavor to our pumpkin as an hommage to my sweetie.

Happy Halloween All!


Benchmark said...

I tried some halloween carving this year as well... clicky!

Anonymous said...

Ron has been literally carrying around pics of the pumpkins to show them to anyone who would look. He even took two of the pumpkins to work for show and tell!!