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Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Fickle Finger of Fame

Yesterday I had an errand to run downtown and I wound up getting captured on film by a photographer for the Edmonton Sun. I was feeding coins into a parking meter without realizing that a large billboard of Darth Vader was looming behind me, as if making sure I was contributing sufficient change.

The photo ran in today's Sun. Obivously I can't post it here, but it's an amusing enough shot if you care enough to pick up the tabloid today.

In lieu of that photograph, here's one I shot while fooling around yesterday.

See the photo online at the Edmonton Sun. Thanks to Susan Neumann for bringing this to my attention.


Andrea said...

I wanna see the picture! Whaa!

By the way, the verification word for this post is "jsuxotnk", which on first glance, I thought was an acronym for "Jesus sucks, oh thanks".

Sean Woods said...

That looks like a nice shirt.

What are you doing wearing a nice shirt?

= )

"Jesus Sucks, oh thanks" is GOLD.

Leslie said...

Hi Earl,

Sorry I missed the pic, but I hope you clipped a copy or two to show around. I heard it was a good snap.

Why don't I ever get an interesting verification word? Bad karma, I guess. Sigh.


susan_rn92 said...

Hey you can see the picture online! Hurry while it still there for you to see.

Earl is soooo photogenic.

Sean Woods said...

(shameless plug)

OR you can see Earl's picture HERE...

Anonymous said...

You look great in both photograph and I agree you definitely are very photogenic. The "nice shirt" was picked out two years ago and only worn on "grown-up"


Anonymous said...

Sorry, Earl, I meant to look at your pic but was distracted by the chesty girl at the top of the thumbnails.

kgejl - Sean, help!

Earl J. Woods said...

Thanks for hosting the photo, Sean! Everyone should definitely head to Sean's blog to check it out.

Sean Woods said...

I feel shame for posting a link to my take on the Sun picture.


Liam J. said...

Why would you feel shame over that, you attention wh0re?

obdant: a concubine's license plate

susan_rn92 said...

Ahh, those were the days when I was Susan Neumann. Did you remember when I got married, Earl? Maybe you can come over and watch our home wedding video, Jeff doesn't seem to want to anymore. :)

Anonymous said...

Well maybe Jeff can change his last name to Neumann.