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Friday, November 18, 2005

Why Hast He Forsaken Thee?

If you've been following my brother Sean's blog, you already know that he stuck his finger into a live electrical outlet and wound up shocking himself. Not since I attempted to pull a roast out of a searing hot oven with my bare hands has a member of Woods Bros. done something so silly, but what I really found amusing was Sean's later comment that "By that point, not even God himself could have stopped me from sticking my finger in that socket."

It made me wonder: what was keeping God so busy that he couldn't prevent one foolish human from sticking his finger in a live plugin?

Maybe he was caught up at Cain's parole hearing. Maybe he was in the bathroom. Maybe god is omniscient, but not omnipotent, aware of Sean's problem but powerless to stop it. Or maybe he's omnipotent but not omniscient, perfectly capable of preventing Sean from shocking himself, but unaware of the predicament. Maybe god has a perverse sense of humour and enjoys watching people shock themselves. Maybe God himself was the electrical outlet, and wanted to personally punish Sean for past sins. Maybe God wanted to give Sean super powers, but wasn't sure if Sean would use them for good, or for Awesome and so changed his mind at the last second.

Things Man Was Not Meant to Know.

Anyway, I'm glad Sean wasn't electrocuted.


Sean Woods said...

Maybe s/he simply wanted to teach me a lesson;

"Don't stick your finger in electrical outlets."

I've never felt so idiotic.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sean. Watch what your doing when dealing with electrical outlets. Having been electrocuted by a toaster - in HAWAII nonetheless- it hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No, I was NOT sticking my fingers where they shouldn't be. I just simply lowered the lever and this bright light and amazing surge of power went through my fingers, up my hand and arm. It was the weirdest sensation and hurt for a while. Lesson: Don't try to make your own toast while in Hawaii.

Glad you're ok Sean.


Sean Woods said...

Thanks to my cat-like reflexes, I was somehow able to pull away before any permanent damage was done.

Not counting my inability to move my left arm.

J said...

OR maybe it's a lesson to never rearrange your furniture... Had the lamp still been there none of this would have transpired!

Liam J. said...

I choose to think that if there is a god, of the omnis it is lacking, it is lacking omnibenevolence. That's right, a God whose love is not perfect. What care does he have for puny mortals?

nxsndd: next x-istence spent near da devil (because I am going to hell)

Bob said...

Sean said it himself

it isn't that God could not stop is that when we are so stubborn and determined to do something, He is not obligated to prevent it. He knew before Sean was born, that Sean would do not only this silly thing, but He knew (and knows) what Sean has done, and will do for the rest of his existence on earth.

God is in control. Nothing happens without His foreknowledge.