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Monday, November 26, 2007

The Daring New Adventures of Supergirl

Supergirl sure had some astounding adventures when she first started out, didn't she?

"Supergirl, I have an important secret mission for you."

"Oh boy! I'm ready, Superman! No matter how dangerous it is!"

"I want you to visit the cenus chief in Kandor so he can register you as yet another survivor of Krypton."


Even Kryptonians had dentists, it seems. And they use..."kress beams." A little on the nose, isn't it? "Kress?" I mean, really. And what is it with comic book characters telling other characters information they should already know - assuming the person they're talking to isn't a complete imbecile? "Remember, here on Kandor, no one has super-powers, and we get toothaches like normal humans on Earth!" I'm sure Supergirl is thinking, "I know the drill, Dr. Exposition."



MLA: Hello, Earl! Have you designed that child care brochure yet? Remember, as the Communications Coordinator, your job is to ensure that our message reaches the public!

EARL (thinking): (gulp!) He's right! If I don't get the brochure done right away, citizens won't know what we stand for! Got to act fast!

CAPTION: Later, as Earl arrives home...

EARL: Hello, Sylvia! Have you cooked dinner yet? As my wife, you should be keeping me well-fed!

SYLVIA: Hello, Earl my husband! We've been married for just a few months! As your wife, isn't it about time we discussed our honeymoon!

CAPTION: Later, Earl goes out for a night with his friends, "The Boys."

EARL: Hello, chums! Are your character sheets ready! It's time for our bimonthly game of Dungeons and Dragons!

PETE: Some people say that Dungeons and Dragons is for geeks! But we always have fun, so who cares what the squares think! Besides, haven't we been playing this game since college!

MIKE: Some of you have! But some of us met through work and are relative newcomers to this strange new world of roleplaying! Give us a chance to get used to the rules!

COLIN: As Dungeon Master, I'm reminding you that what I say goes! Enough chatter! You're in a cave, and a troll attacks!

JEFF: Oh no! I rolled a one!


Anonymous said...

Oh my God.

This is hilarious!

VERY well done. Five NAES' out of five.

Anonymous said...

That's "Communnications"


Anonymous said...

NI reallny haten badn nspelling! Int's rneally imnportant tno manke snure thnat pneople ntake nthe timne nto spnell everythinng ringht nthe fnirst tnime, evenn nif nit mneans usinng na spnell chnecker.

Ninsert smileyn-fance emnoticon nhere.

Liam J. said...

I'm sure Supergirl is thinking, "I know the drill, Dr. Exposition."

HA! Dentist! Drill! HAHAHAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

It's not like Dr. Dentabone there is making any kind of eye contact with Supergirl, nor is he watching what he is doing to his patient.

If anything, he seems fixated on the twin otherwordly globes hovering over the chestal sector of Supergirl's heavenly body.

I am surprised they didn't draw the dot-dot-dot line from his eyes to her bosoms to make it more obvious.

Earl J. Woods said...

I love how Liam is the only reader who notices (or at least comments on) my "subtle" jokes.

Totty said...

Earl, it was the second thing. We all notice, but don't feel like posting just to groan and roll our eyes.

On the plus side, you did capture the expository flow of 70s era comics quite well.