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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Right on the Dot

"Jeepers," Batman thought to himself, "I have to start finding a higher class of villain. Crazy Quilt and Kite Man* were bad enough - now I have to deal with utter flakes like Mr. Polka Dot? Soon I'll be reduced to making lame puns based on the name of the foe I'm fighting - oh, wait a minute. Drat."
*actual villains!


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Calendar Man.

AllanX said...


Benchmark said...

Sometimes I miss the happy-go-lucky, pun-crazed, not-so-upset-about-my-parents-brutal-slaying-anymore I'm-okay-you're-okay Batman.

Liam J. said...

Bob Kane was awesome.

And you couldn't have Joker in every issue. That would just be redundant.

I'm surprised Polka-Dot Man didn't make an appearance in Batman & Robin. They had everyone else in there, didn't they?

Anonymous said...

I am going to do a small blog-jack here, but it's going to be very small, and it's directed at Ron.

I want to reply to his blog entry about The Mist, but I don't want to have to register over there to do so. I know Ron reads Earl's blog, so hence the blogjack. I apologize for the inonvenience!

Your Mist tape was recorded in what's generically called "matrix" audio. Basically it's a system that uses phased audio to simulate holographic sounds. You shift the phase slighly to favour the right speaker, and it sound like the audio is coming from the right, vice versa for the left. If you set the phases so that they nearly cancel out, you get a diffuse sound that appears to be behind (or over) your head, and if you match the phases, the sound appears to come from the front.

Look up on Wiki:
Sonic Holography
Sound Retrieval System (SRS Audio)

And some trivia to make Earl happy: the Spellbound album by Paula Abdul (1991) used QSound matrixed audio.