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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Having the Time of Your Life

While on my way to pick up Sylvia from work yesterday afternoon, I caught this image of Dancing Guy.

Dancing Guy has been hanging around 178th street for months, bopping like wild every time I've spotted him. He wears headphones, spins around, jerks his head up and down, snaps his arms and legs out wildly, presses the crosswalk button to cross the street, dances across it, bops for a while at the other corner, and repeats the process.

I thought it was just a summer phenomenon, but yesterday I realized that a little thing like winter isn't going to stop Dancing Guy's groove. Rock on, brother! Don't let them tell you you can't.

On a similar note, there's another music lover in my neighbourhood. I see this guy in my rear view mirror sometimes, playing the harmonica while he's driving his jeep. He really gets into it, too - from the way his body moves, he must be stamping one of his feet as he plays.

People are awesome.


Sean Woods said...

Dancing Guy is awesome.


Did you take this picture while making a left-hand turn? Nice.

Earl J. Woods said...

In my own defence, I did have an advance green.