Sunday, December 30, 2007

Symptoms of Consumeritis

Today, in the green wake of Giftmas, I've bagged and hauled away at least two dozen bags of garbage. Most of it's packaging, which I've accumulated and hoarded over a period of at least ten years. I kept the stuff mostly in anticipation of our next move, before realizing that I can just pick up some boxes a few days before the moving truck arrives.

My office is now a little less cluttered. Next, I'd like to install some new shelves so that I can properly store all my books. The mishmash of bookcases I have now is ugly and inefficient. They must go.

If anyone would like to join me at a book organizing/shelf building party sometime in the new year, just let me know. It should be amusing.

1 comment:

AllanX said...

A shelf-raising! I'll assist ye, English! (Well, moral support since I'm in California.)