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Friday, April 24, 2009

Video Report: Alberta Liberal AGM


Ian said...

Good to know that some reports will be coming in, I look forward to it! Your video quality is a bit low though... not a biggy for the talking-head format though.

Earl J. Woods said...

Yeah, I need a better video camera - maybe one of those HD Flip minicameras.

Anonymous said...

Both of Zaphod Beeblebrox's heads made an expression at the viewscreen in the complete opposite of the way that one has when one finally finds their digital watch under the bed after much fruitless searching and giving it up for lost. The watch, like the image on the screen, was the last thing in the universe Zaphod was looking for.

"This is so froopy uncool," his main head blurted, "I mean, if I knew there was ANOTHER two-headed three-armed politbureaucrat in the same galaxy as me, I would have left like ten zillion centuries ago."

"Yeah," growled Zaphod's second head, and for the ten zillionth time, Ford Prefect noticed that the Zaphod's mouth movements never quite matched the sounds that came out of it.