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Monday, May 04, 2009

Still Nearly Famous

Back in 1984, when I was working on CBC's pilot If Your Parents Split, one of the actors gave me a button that said "I'm Nearly Famous," a reference to my just-granted role of show host.

Twenty-five years later, it looks like I'm still merely "nearly" famous. Today, my old electoral foe Ed Stelmach is Wikipedia's featured article of the day:

(I find it amusing to refer to the Premier as "old foe" or "nemesis" not because I take myself that seriously, but because I find it incredibly amusing that he probably doesn't even know who I am, given his landslide victory over me, seen here, in my brief appearance in Ed's Wiki article:

So there we are, my footnote in history, at the losing end of a whopping 10,000 vote margin. Still pretty cool to be in Wikipedia, though, even if it is just my name beside some numbers!

Congrats to the Premier - and the Wiki editors who wrote the article! - on being named feature article of the day.


"Steve Smith" said...

As the wikipedia editor who wrote that article, thanks for the kind words.

(It's worth noting that your name also appears in the Wikipedia articles "Alberta general election, 2008" and "Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville" - fame!)

Earl J. Woods said...

Hey Steve - thanks for visiting and commenting! Nice work on the article, and a well-deserved feature choice on Wikipedia's part.