Monday, November 02, 2009

Dinner at the Bees-tro

Panel from a "Hard to Believe, But..!" feature, Green Lantern #5, 1961.

According to this prognostication, we'd better enjoy our beef while it lasts - there won't be enough around to feed all of us by 2011! While that forecast may be a little tough to swallow - like bees - I find it interesting that the waiter seems to be using a notebook computer to take the happy couple's order. Just think, a couple of years from now we'll be wearing Flash Gordon clothes and dining on Vitamin Bee.


Sean Woods said...

I love how the artist drew the waiter to fit the "snooty French waiter" stereotype.

Never Say Jeff Again said...

"It's a trap!!!" - Adm. Akbar

See how the word "RES" (standing for "RESTAURANT") is not reversed! This means that the eating establishment's logo was painted to be read from inside the room and not outside.

Properly done, the three letters should spell "ТИА" - RESTAURANT spelled backwards and cropped to the final three letters.

"Aha!", you think, T-N-A, which are the letters to spell the acronym for "Tits aNd Ass"... hot diggety dog!

Your hair trigger sense of arousal would be sadly mistaken.

As I mentioned, the word was meant to be read from the inside, not the outside. This scene depicts something akin to a movie set, similar to what you would use to fake a moon landing or an alien autopsy.

The word ТИА, which is prominently missing and cleverly pre-reversed, stands for ANT, as in the Ant Overlords who secretly plot to take over all of the governments of the Earth. The reversed И is Cyrillic, obviously referring to Soviet Ant Overlords, who want us to eat all our bees, opening up a free path for the Russian AИTs to invade us! Communist Hive Ant Overlord Supremacy! We all know what that spells, comeradeski.

Ant with that, I now wave good-bee to any credibility I may have once had. I'll let you know if it was worth it later.

BLaZe said...

When in the French countryside this summer we routinely encountered waitresses who entered orders on an electronic pad that was sent directly to the kitchen... those clever French...

Susan_rn92 said...

Several spiders dined on bees that came to my sunflowers this fall.