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Monday, May 10, 2010

Call Me Out at the Ball Game - Game 3

Tonight the Liberators gathered on Edmonton's south side to face our next opponents. I was glad to be back on the field after missing the last game, hoping that this time I'd be able to help the team earn victory.

But it wasn't meant to be. By the end of the first inning, we were down 7-1, and managed to score only once more during the entire game for a final score of 16-2. Strangely enough, I felt like our fielding overall was pretty good; we held them scoreless for several innings, but they had another seven-run inning late in the game to put it away.

At bat, I struck out once and hit a single between third and fourth (Addendum: this should have read "second and third" - this just shows how little I know about sports - thanks Andrea!) at my second and final at-bat, but another runner was tagged out before I could advance any further.

On the plus side, I'm not nearly as sore today as I was after the first game, so perhaps my muscles are getting accustomed to being used again.

Here are some highlights from the game. As always, click to embiggen:

Catcher Lisa stretches before the game. Always a wise move.

Neil hit a solid single midway through the game.

Rick Miller wields his bat with incredible finesse.

Team Captain Tanara examines the batting order. Given tonight's result, it may need some revision.


Andrea said...

You "hit a single between third and fourth"? Just what kind of baseball is this Earl? How many bases do you have before reaching home?

Just teasing of course Earl, great job and I look forward to your first on team victory!

Sean Woods said...

I thought you were behind the plate.* Which position are you playing now?

*this means catcher.