Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dishwasher Safe

Here is one of our glasses. It's a nice green glass that has always served us faithfully. Our dishwasher has also served us faithfully.
But when I emptied the dishwasher this morning, I discovered that our green glass had been sliced in two, with laser-beam accuracy.

I examined the glass carefully. I wasn't aware of any laser hardpoints in the dishwasher, so there had to be some other explanation. In the end, I decided that I must have had a frosty drink just before putting the glass into the dishwasher and starting the wash cycle. The temperature differential was too much for the glass!

Now it is art.


Sean Woods said...

Do you have a set of those glasses? It would be great if we could see an "untouched" glass.

King T said...

Did you use Finish dishwasher additive? After all, it's the diamond standard.

AllanX said...

Temperature differential my ass.

I recognize the aftermath of a botched laser assassination when I see it.