Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sinking My Teeth Into the Job

Sometimes, my job provides exciting opportunities. For example, today Tanara and I travelled to Calgary to shoot some video footage of our boss, David Swann, the Leader of the Official Opposition. As an amateur filmmaker from way back, the chance to shoot some footage - and get paid for it - is a dream come true.

Since Tanara has experience as a television journalist, it fell to her to operate the camera. I had the less glamourous job of...clipboard.

Politics! The halls of power, the corridors of influence! This is what it's all about.

Yes, I should have remembered to pack the easel. Or used proper cue cards. But lacking these, holding the script with my teeth and using my hands to keep the paper from blowing all over the place in the high winds was the best solution. I give David enormous credit for keeping a perfectly straight face while delivering his lines.

Sadly, we had to stop shooting halfway through the job due to rain. My teeth, however, were grateful.


"This Jeff Of Paradise" said...

I'd vote for Dr. Swann twice, if only he could bring us some nice weather.

Did the fountain in the background swallow up your sound, or did you guys Lavalier the good doctor?

At least you had the chance to get some Peter's burgers. When in Calgary, you gotta get a Peter's burger, shake, and fries. They are the best!

Earl J. Woods said...

We did indeed use a lav mike and I made sure we stopped at Peter's!

daveberta said...

Hilarious photos, Earl!

Looking forward to the video.