Sunday, June 13, 2010


Sylvia and I have really enjoyed our time at The Pointe West on the Lake, but we've outgrown it. It's time for something bigger and better. Fortunately, our realtor Patrick has been a wonderful resource, full of excellent advice. Our unit has sold, and we're sure the new owners will love it as much as we did.

Now we're hunting for something new - a bungalow-style condo with a finished basement somewhere on the west end. There aren't a lot of properties out there that fit our specific needs, so I'm hoping that we'll have a new home before we need to move out of The Pointe West. Otherwise, we'll have to move into my brother's apartment! Fortunately, I've calculated that all of our stuff will fit if we use the entire volume of Sean's place - stacking boxes from floor to ceiling, piling the furniture like Tetris blocks. It'll be an adventure!

In all seriousness, our realtor Patrick Fields has done an incredible job, and we feel lucky to have him. Thanks Patrick!


Sean said...

My apartment wouldn't hold all your books, let alone three people.

"Jeff Seed" said...

Good for you!!!

I am pleased that you are pleased with your realtor. We learned early on that a masterful realtor can make a massive difference when buying or selling your home. Whether it's a 1% realtor or a high-end sales pro, you want the most expert agent you can get.

Our own realtor was a tigershark, and she made bloody chum bits out of the agent that represented the seller, who unfortunately were close relatives to the one another (seller and seller's agent were cousins or in-laws or something like that). All these years later, we still giggle about that.

We hope that your move all goes well!!

susan_rn92 said...

Lots of luck finding a new place you two! I love living in our house with space, even if we do share one wall with our neighbours.

Andrea said...

Congratulations guys! I hope you find the right place soon!