Monday, January 31, 2011

Monitor Mash

My beloved Dell 2407 monitor has given up the ghost. Fortunately I still have a 2408wfp, but that still means I'm down to one display. It's pretty tough to go back to one monitor when you've been using two for years; I feel completely at sea.

The Dell Ultra Sharp U2711 seems to be getting good reviews, and it's $350 off this week at the Dell store. Even with the discount that's still $900...but I do use my monitors for professional work; I need a good one, and it is tax-deductible.

Heavy sigh. If anyone can recommend a quality monitor, let me know.

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susan_rn92 said...

Hi Earl! I have a monitor for ya, it is sitting in the garage and it is going for cheap! You like big, don't you?