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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dice of Doom Redux

I've been remiss in pointing out that Jeff Pitts once again defied the odds during a Dungeons & Dragons session on March 31. A twenty is the best possible die roll in the game under most circumstances, meting out maximum damage to demons and demigods alike. Even Sauron himself would quake at Jeff's prowess.

Back in January I reported that Jeff had rolled double twenties to slay his foes with astounding finesse. Mike calculated that the odds of rolling two twenties on two twenty-sided dice is 1 in 400, or once every forty sessions or so. But as if to show that statistics can often clump together rather than average out nicely, Jeff's dice-throwing finesse brought up double twenties about four years earlier than one might expect. We're heading into the fearsome Proving Grounds this Saturday night - here's hoping Jeff's luck will continue to be "on a roll."

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