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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Roller Disco Forever

Yesterday's birthday post about Sean was pretty popular, so I figured folks might enjoy a closer look at his Roller Disco t-shirt. (The candy chaps on the cardboard cowboy tasted pretty terrible. Pure sugar. Mom made really good blue icing, though.)

Leduc had a roller rink at the time, and I still have brief but vivid memories of roller skating (badly) while Kool and the Gang's "Celebration" blared over the sound system. I don't remember if there was a disco ball, but there were certainly rainbow-hued spotlights dancing over the roller-skating teens, brief flashes of polyester winking in the darkness. Too shy to approach the girls - how beautiful and terrifying they were with their big hair and leg warmers and painted-on jeans, and perhaps worst of all, their unpredictable inscrutability! - I rolled alone over the cold concrete, completing just a few clumsy circuits before quickly retreating to the rink's coin-op video arcade. Easier to shoot asteroids and jump over bouncing barrels flung by a deranged gorilla than ask a girl to roller skate!

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