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Monday, June 25, 2012

All the World's a Stage...Line

Once or twice every five years or so, I'm forced to wear a suit. In 1998, Allan Sampson and I travelled to Cranbrook, British Columbia, to celebrate the nuptials of our old friends Jeff and Susan. While waiting for the ceremony to begin, Allan and I amused ourselves by posing on and around the landmarks of nearby Fort Steele.
I'm really quite happy with this photo. I like the colour and composition and Allan looks quite dapper.
I'm pretty happy with this one, too. The wedding party looks great, though I wonder why Steven Neumann (at right) looks so concerned.
I don't remember the significance of the His and Hers Frisbee, unless they were an oblique reference to the time we were all playing Frisbee in the park and Susan accidentally hit Jeff in the teeth with one. I still remember Jeff's "Earrrgghh!" with exquisite clarity.


"The Jeffroyale" said...

The Frisbees were a charming but somewhat misguided attempt to refer back to my University days when I qualified for the Canadian Olympic team for throwing the discus. I'm a bit hurt you don't recall that, but I guess there's no harm in reminding you.

Of course, it's virtually impossible to find an Olympic regulation discus in Cranbrook, so obviously someone chose Frisbees intead.

Myra said...

You do love the sounds of pain one makes when coming into swift contact with blunt objects!