Thursday, June 21, 2012

Observing a Goat in Montana

On a trip through the northwestern United States in either 1983 or 1986, I shot this photo of tourists observing a goat at a national park in Montana. I was using my first camera, a Kodak that used 110 film. That little camera didn't have a lot of creative options - it was essentially a point and shoot - I think the composition is decent enough.

As we were leaving, we were briefly scrutinized by Secret Service agents because we passed very close to Vice President Bush's limo, who for some reason was visiting the park at the same time. We did not see the man himself, however; just his vehicle, with dark windows opaque to curious passers-by. "Observing a Bush in Montana" may have made a more interesting photo.

According to Mom, this photo was taken at Glacier Park, and I drove from High River to the US border in our old (well, pretty new then) Corolla hatchback. Our journey continued through Spokane and Seattle. When Mom and Dad went to San Francisco a few months ago they returned via Montana and walked up this same trail.

"The goats are still there. The walk was much harder 25 years later!"

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