Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Project Burger Baron: Leduc

Leduc's venerable Burger Baron hasn't changed much over the years; it still looks much the same as it did back when we moved to Alberta, save the "Grad '79" graffiti that used to adorn one side of the rooftop was eventually painted over ten or fifteen years ago. I'm not sure it's been painted again since then.
Sean and I ordered Leduc Burgers, the house specialty: the requisite beef patty topped with a thin slice of ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato and 1,000 Island "secret sauce." If you get the double it's sort of a poor man's Big Mac, only more expensive. And better, frankly.
To amuse himself while we waited for our food, Sean experimented with forced perspective photography.
The proprietors used to write amusing slogans on their sign, but today it featured a standard advertisement. Note how the smoke from the Northwest Territories forest fires add a golden glow to the atmosphere.

Leduc's Burger Baron is a tried and true favourite for the Woods Brothers - always reliable, always tasty, comfortably predictable food in a plain brown wrapper. 


Ed said...

Until just recently the sign said "making vegetarians reconsider since 1955"

Earl J. Woods said...

Absolutely correct, Ed. I have a photo of that somewhere, but I didn't want to use it for this post and create temporal confusion.