Thursday, October 09, 2014

Tomorrow and Tomorrow

I don't normally get too excited about Disney films, but Brad Bird's Tomorrowland looks like it might push my buttons. Was that a jet pack I saw whiz by at the end? 

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"Jeffrey's End" said...

I enjoyed "John Carter" much more than I thought I would and "The Lone Ranger" quite a bit less, although Susan enjoyed both.

Mr. Walt Disney learned through hard experience to be both controlling and paranoid. That he also held so much power in Hollywood would make him the focus of many conspiracy theories, one of which is the force that propels this film: what was in the enigmatic 1952 Box?

- Here is a preview, and it might answer some of your questions, Earl:

In any case, the big-budget Disney movies have been suffering from too much scope and a lack of focus. Intimate-style films seem beyond their grasp now, which is perhaps what this material calls for. We shall see - grab your Jet-Man jetpack, and let's go!