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Friday, May 13, 2016

ABBA: The Movie

This is a weird little nothing of a film, a faux-documentary chronicling a hapless Australian DJ's attempts to record an interview with the 70s supergroup ABBA before the band leaves the country. Much to the consternation of his boss, the DJ hops from Sydney to Perth to Adelaide to Melbourne before securing his interview, completely by chance, in an elevator just before the Swedish minstrels are due to fly off to Europe. That must have been an expensive interview.

Really it's just a chance to show off footage from ABBA's Australian tour, and if you're a fan of the band that's reason enough to sit back and enjoy this frivolous ride. I certainly found myself compelled to sit through it, having happened across it by chance on Turner Classic Movies.

It's also an interesting time capsule of 70s fashion, architecture and design; the clothes sure were colourful then, as were the cars. And you can't help but think how much easier the DJ's task would have been had he had a smart phone...

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