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Saturday, February 04, 2017

Flash Fact

There was a really nice moment in the latest episode of The Flash. Cisco Ramon is speaking to H.R. Wells while they prepare to face the crisis of the week. Things are looking grim (as is usual in the world of television drama), and H.R. wonders why Cisco is prepared to possibly sacrifice his life on H.R.'s behalf, considering they've had a somewhat adversarial relationship.

"You know what I love about working on this team?" Cisco asks. "We invest in each other."

The conversation continues in that vein, with the two men exchanging some pithy dialogue about friendship and family. It's not Shakespeare - far from it - but it was genuine and uplifting, and the kind of teachable moment that I think is popular culture's saving grace and most essential public service.

In the wider world, the reality outside television's box, we invest in each other. Not as much or as consistently as we should, but we invest in each other, and any progress we make is a result of those investments.

In the end, Cisco saves H.R. and the team even makes a friend out of an enemy along the way. I think that's a pretty positive message. It gives me hope that even in these dark times, there are still so many people out there, at all levels of society, who think it's still worthwhile to send out those good vibrations. 

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