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Friday, February 03, 2017

Terms of Endearment

Things Sylvia has called me:

  • "filthy animal"
  • "savage"
  • "dirty baby"
  • "filthy baby"
  • "bad baby"
  • "deviant"
  • "psychopath"
  • "deviant psychopath"
  • "monster"
  • "weirdo"
  • "ball of mush"
  • "bad bunny rabbit"
  • "hoarder"
  • "junk collector"
  • "OCD about all the wrong things"
  • "banana"
  • "rotter"
  • "cuddle bunny"
  • "cuddle buddy"
  • "fussy baby"
  • "cranky baby"
  • "Earl"

1 comment:

Jeff Shyluk said...

That is truly awesome! Really different from Earl Of Twenty Years Ago, I must add.

There's a study somewhere that suggests that the more variety of positive pet names, the stronger the loving bond. So, I will add for your list: Lucky, Lucky, Lucky Man. Although OCD About All The Wrong Things is pure Earl, I'm afraid.