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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

First Look at Star Trek: Discovery

On the record, for future Earl, my initial thoughts:

  • Production design and visual effects look amazing, better than any Trek series yet
  • Casting looks good
  • Klingons again? 
  • Do we actually see the Discovery itself in this trailer, or is that Michelle Yeoh's ship the whole time? 
There's really not that much else to say. The trailer doesn't give away anything about the show's narrative; for that matter, it's clearly geared toward folks who are already familiar with Star Trek. Non-fans won't know what the heck this is all about; the premise is left unspoken. I wonder why the marketing team didn't even attempt to explain that Star Trek is about exploring strange new worlds and seeking out new life forms. Casual viewers will be pretty puzzled by this. 

As a lifelong fan of Star Trek, I'm hoping this latest iteration will be good. There's nothing in this trailer to say that it won't be, but on the other hand, it doesn't have me hopping up and down in excitement, either. We'll see what I have to say after the premiere. 

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