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Sunday, July 08, 2018

G&G XIII Poster

I finally hung my print of Jeff Shyluk's amazing poster for Gaming & Guinness XIII. To learn how Jeff approached the project, you can visit his blog here, here, and here. Vroom! 


Jeff Shyluk said...

Thank you for posting this, Earl. Ordinarily, I prefer to use my own printer subcontractor, but your printer looks to have done an excellent job with my master file!

Stephen Fitzpatrick said...

Ha, mine was up two weeks ago! I know, I know, it's not a race - well, it is, kind of, but..

Anyways Jeff, this is BRILLIANT work and I am proud to have it hanging up in the Batcave even though it meant displacing the lace picture of a 900-year-old pub in Nottingham. I love the fact that at first glance it looks like the kind of upscale art onemight expect to see in a typical man cave, because the nerdy elements and personalized bits are blended in so well. Bravo!

Jeff Shyluk said...

Thank you for your very kind words! It was very much a fun project to complete, and although it took quite a bit longer to paint than I thought it would, the experience was highly enjoyable. And now Earl has a sports poster in his room, that's a shock right there. Well, it is nerdy, and I really liked doing those parts.

Sean Woods said...

Really top-notch work.