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Friday, November 15, 2019

The Charge at Numidia

“Abracadabra!” bellowed Caesar, disintegrating every foe galloping hither, incensed jugglers keeling lengthwise, maddened Numidians on ponies quickly raising swords, thrusting underhanded, vexed, wary, xenophobes yelling “Zounds!” 


Jeff Shyluk said...

"What the hell is this?" demanded Sir Patrick Stewart, waving the print-out like a semaphore flag.

"It appears to be a credit card statement for that item you purchased from Numidia. Apparently, you have been charged." Brent Spiner raised his eyebrows: "You have twenty-three days from the time of the transaction to pay the balance or at least apply a minimum payment."

Gates McFadden could only gaze upon the truck from the Central Casting Corporation as a league of Napoleonic cuirassiers mounted on chargers emitted from its loading ramp and lighted upon the OBE's carefully manicured lawn.

Earl J. Woods said...

As ever, Jeff, I love this comment far more than the post that prompted it.