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Monday, November 18, 2019

The Spell Is Broken

Absurd bathos considered, deconstructing everyone's false hagiographies insults Jeff; knowing lesser men of putrid quality, reconsider stories that underachieve via wasting xylophones' yodelling zeal. 


Jeff Shyluk said...

Archbishop Briefcase condoned deadeye efforts, foregoing gung-ho hellions injected jokingly. Knurling layman maleness: neon overpowers parquet queries. Reshaped subtext tie-ups undervalue vowely, waxy, Xeroxy, yutzy Zoroastrians.

A new code, albeit not one as elegant as yours. Good luck.

Totty said...

You (Earl) missed a 'g' word between "false" and "hagiographies"

Earl J. Woods said...

Razza frazza!