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Friday, August 14, 2020

Filthy Truck

Here is a 28mm scale truck, the first vehicle I've painted in this scale. I started with a base layer of tan, then used a variety of technical paints to cover the truck with mud, dust, and grime. I think I went too far, though; I wanted more of a weathering effect, as opposed to having the truck look like it's just returned from off-roading. I think part of my mistake was starting with a base colour that was too close to the filth I slathered atop it, too. 

I have two more vehicles in this scale. I'm going to paint those army green, and then try my hand at more subtle weathering effects. 

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Jeff Shyluk said...

You could use fine sandpaper to scrape off the extra stuff, and then paint over that with your army colour. Or you could use heavy sandpaper to make genuine scrapes, and then use metallic paint or a metallic Sharpie to suggest bare metal in the small spots where the pain was scraped off completely. Then paint in a bit of your army colour and repaint some of the grime.