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Saturday, August 29, 2020

The Queen in Yellow

A figure cloaked in mystery, she strikes from the shadows and then vanishes as if she'd never been there at all, her victims the only evidence of her presence. 

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Jeff Shyluk said...

There's also the running tab she has at the dressmaker's for yellow taffeta fabric. That stuff is uncommon in Grennet-sur-ChanoƮt, and would be an easy giveaway to any ambitious, sharp-eyed inspector-constable.

Many years later, the Gotham City Police would use similar thinking to finally break down the flamboyant crime syndicates which had plagued their municipality for decades. Cherchez-l'art: shut down the art supply stores and the super villains would eventually run out of purple and green paint and be forced to abandon their garish, overdecorated, tilted lairs. As a bonus, it takes a certain form of villainy to charge the prices arts supply stores ask for purple and green paint, so that's two forms of villainy struck down in a single operation.