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Tuesday, October 06, 2020

The Plot Thickens

This is probably my most ambitious painting project yet. It's a small graveyard with three fresh graves and one established resting place. 

I started by priming the plot and headstones, then painted the ground brown. I then added a layer of dark green, then painted the flagstones and finished grave grey. I added some black paint to the dirt piles to make them look like rich, loamy soil. Then I painted the newest coffin light brown and HAND PAINTED a cross onto it. Sure, it's only two straight lines, but my hand was steady and I think it looks pretty darn good. Next, I painted the headstones grey and glued them in place. Somewhere along the way I painted the rocks a sort of dull silver, but I'm not sure if that really works. After that, I spread glue on the green areas and laid down some grass and moss basing material. Oh, and I filled in the cross on the finished grave (which came premade, as part of the model) with copper paint. Finally, I applied a dark wash to the headstones, dirt piles, and gravesites. 

If I had more room, I'd be shooting these properly with my SLR in my little mini-studio. That'll have to wait until I finish my major COVID-19 project, rearranging my HQ. 



Stephen Fitzpatrick said...


Plus a fresh one for a character who lingered too long.

Quick, make a diorama of three PCs failing Perception rolls... ; )

Sean Woods said...

Ha ha, yes!

Jeff Shyluk said...

You could dry stipple some dark grey paint on the silver rocks with a toothbrush. I did the same with "moon rocks" I made for the anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing, and that turned out well.

You could also make some ropes to come out of the grave, for the lowering of the casket. It's super-easy to age paper and cloth (and string, which you would use to make the ropes) by soaking it in strong tea for a few moments and then drying it under low heat in the oven.

Finally, if you are really on fire, you could make flowers. Basically, you take coloured bits of paper to make leaves and petals and coat them with thin white glue or Mod Podge and glue them to bits of green wire.

Earl J. Woods said...

Ooo, good tips!