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Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Seeing More in She and Sea

Anirban Ray's She and Sea is a short film about a relationship gone bad and the despair that can follow a breakup. The film is, I regret to say, somewhat lacking in many departments. Almost every stylistic choice is misguided, the acting is stiff, the dialogue ludicrous, and the music...the music! Oy. 

And yet, I give those involved props for giving this project their all. She and Sea is is sincere in its message about human suffering and what happens when we aren't kind to each other. So even though we may see any given film as "bad," that doesn't necessarily mean that they're without value. In fact, watching this makes me feel a little closer to Oman, a country I knew virtually nothing about before watching this short film. In my heart, I know that people everywhere are pretty much the same, but it's lovely to see that truth illustrated. 

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