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Friday, May 14, 2021

Ode to Boris

He was The Man They Could Not Hang
The Man Who Lived Again
Doomed to Die
The Man with Nine Lives
The Phantom of the North
The Body Snatcher"
The Mad Genius
The Mummy
The Terror
The Ghoul
British Intelligence
The Invisible Menace
The Public Defender
King of the Wild, King of the Kongo
Dynamite Dan, The Incredible Doktor Markesan

At The Old Dark House on Black Sabbath he chose his Targets
A Hatchet for the Honeymoon, as The Devil Commands
He held The Night Key to The Strange Door to The Black Room
Saw the Ghost in the Invisible Bikini
Counted down The Fatal Hour, held The Yellow Ticket
Ruled The Fear Chamber on Devil's Island
Lured the Son of Frankenstein--Die, Monster, Die! 

He was all this, he did all this and more--but furthermore--

He was--Karloff!


Totty said...


Earl J. Woods said...

Boris Karloff, a character actor specializing in horror, fantasy, and science fiction roles, often as a mad scientist or a kindhearted scientist gone wrong. He's best known today for playing the monster in the 1930s Universal Frankenstein movies. The capitalized parts of the poem are all taken from titles of films he starred or appeared in.

Totty said...

My bad, forgot the </sarcasm> tag. I knew that, but for a less cine-aware person there's not much context.