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Saturday, May 22, 2021

Wall Test

Some time ago I supported Modular Realms on Kickstarter. They produce modular, magnetic 28mm-scale terrain pieces you can fit together into various dungeons, rivers, city streets, and so on. My order came with one misprinted part, quickly and painlessly replaced by the folks at Modular Realms. 

But the misprinted part hasn't gone to waste. As you can see above, I used the extra part to test some paints. The brown works for the wood sections, and I like the dark grey for stone. I'm less taken with the light grey and the yellow, used for some of the stone block pieces. I do like the black and copper. 


Jeff Shyluk said...

For worn stone texture, I like underpainting everything with burnt or raw umber, maybe with a dot of ultramarine blue. Then paint your greys over top, and they'll be more vibrant.

Stephen Fitzpatrick said...

Seconded, especially if you drybrush the top coat!