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Saturday, July 03, 2021

Pride Flagstones

I'm a little late for Pride Month, but I wanted to see what Pride colours would look like on this 28mm-scale 3x3 magnetic flagstone tile. It's the first tile I've painted from the Modular Realms Kickstarter I supported last year. I think this is one of those cases where I should not have added ink wash. They do give the tile a bit more depth, but they also mute the colours. Luckily I have several of these tiles, so I can try again. 


Sean Woods said...

When I use a wash, I put another coat of paint on the raised areas to brighten it back up (leaving the wash untouched in the recessed areas, keeping the depth)

Jeff Shyluk said...

Sean's idea will work, or you can use varnish. High gloss will really make the colours pop, but you will lose the stony look. Matte will have a more realistic finish, but the colours won't be as vivid. Or put gloss and then matte on top, that's what I did for some globes, not sure if it was yours though. The only thing is once you varnish, that's it, you can't paint on it without sanding off the varnish first.

As for timing, they don't film Christmas specials on Christmas Eve. They film them in Summer, when you can torture the actors by putting them into parkas on days like today. Disney has an especially nasty formula for cinematic snow that never melts and it burns anything it touches. So you're not late for Pride, you're Earl-y.