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Thursday, July 08, 2021

Shifting Sands

I suppose this set of magnetic terrain tiles doesn't look that different than the mud flats I shared earlier, but just as a reminder to myself, I used three different shades of brown and a brown wash to create this effect. It's supposed to be desert. I'm tempted to apply a light coating of actual sand with spray glue, but I'm scared...


Jeff Shyluk said...

To me, it looks like another mud flat, which is fine. Your colours really do look sandy, but the cracked texture doesn't look like sand at all. You could glue sand to it, but that might hurt your miniatures. Also, the sand would have to be very fine otherwise it would look like gravel at that scale.

I have plenty of ideas for experimenting to make fake sand, but with no experience, I'm not sure if they would work. No doubt looking at war miniatures websites, someone has a good formula for sand for dioramas. Baked flour? Fine-ground sand? Sandpaper?

Earl J. Woods said...

Yeah, you're right; I really can't pass this off as desert terrain with those cracks. Well, bigger mud flats, I guess!