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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Scanning Europe

No villain's lair is complete without giant screens displaying the hapless continents they wish to conquer. Painting the teeny-weeny buttons was the most challenging aspect of this project, but my hands are getting steadier with practice. I dry-brushed Europe green, and I like the painterly look of the continent, something I don't think I would have achieved if I were actually trying; instead, the lack of paint on the brush left behind those pleasing black spaces. 


Sean Woods said...

Is there a "hot hail" button?

Jeff Shyluk said...

This is extra villainous! One radar console uses red, yellow and blue buttons for the megahertz sequencer rangefinder, wile the back-up console used yellow, blue, and red!! Is the operator supposed to remember the colours, or the button order!? If he gets it wrong, he's sure to be invited to take a dip in the subterranean magma pool! Mwa-ha-ha-ha!

Oh yes and hot hail, must-have.