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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Vampy Vampire

About an hour ago I painted this vampire from the Pulp Figures collection. Initially, I gave her a silver dress and red hair. But then I visited Pulp Figures to find a photo reference

Seeing the professionally painted miniature inspired me to emulate that artist's example. I knew I needed the teeniest brush possible if I were to have any hope of replicating the necklace and makeup effects in the reference photo. 

While I think the necklace turned out okay, the lipstick was obviously a disaster, even though I applied what I thought was a truly microscopic amount of paint. I've left the figure as-is for two reasons: the mini actually looks fine on the table when its faults aren't magnified by the camera lens, and even this way you can argue it's a bunch of blood on her lips, given her vampiric nature. 


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