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Monday, March 07, 2022

Captain Oopserang

Here is Flash arch-enemy Captain Boomerang in 28mm scale. My results here are mixed. I like the base and his jacket, but his boots, gloves, scarf and shirt--all the white parts, essentially--look mottled and unnatural to me. I was painting with the lightest coats I possibly could, but the white paints I've found have a bad habit of clumping. Oh, I know what I should have done--thin the paint with water, maybe? 


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Jeff Shyluk said...

Well, 1) use pure white or pure black only very sparingly, as they look un-natural in acrylic, just use them as spot colours or better still mix them with a dot of some other colour. And 2), yes, thin your paints and apply multiple thin coats. The paint should go on thin and streaky, As you apply coats, they streakiness will diminish and the colour will strengthen.

For washes, your paint should be like soup and for regular painting it should form a drop on your brush that nearly falls off on its own. Then you take paint from the side of the palette bowl, not the bottom. You can't control clumpy, dried-out paint. Some formulations will dry out in the bottle, so be certain to stir your paints. Some will even go moldy which is super gross but they can still be used.