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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Command Centurion

Sean bought me some miniatures for a birthday that was a couple of years ago now, including this fearsome Cylon warrior. Just to be different, I painted him gold to make him one of the rare Command Centurions you used to see on the original Battlestar Galactica. 

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Jeff Shyluk said...

His boots look like he kicked Goldfinger to death.

I loved those old-skool Cylons, and I remember the childhood awe I felt at seeing the first (and only?) Gold Centurion. I guess it's the same kick for Captain Phasma, now that I think about it.

Much later, I read about the stuntmen who populated that armour, and how much they had to endure to make the Cylons fearsome, or as fearsome as a stormtrooper could be who dies from a single daggit bite. Three factors came into play: the suits were not very flexible, they were heavy and hot, and visibility was very poor.

Not long ago, I watched an episode where the Cylons had taken over a medieval-style castle (appropriating a Universal Studios set, naturally), and the Cylons had to somehow make it on their own down a stone staircase with no railing. If the Colonials had simply put all of their stuff at the bottom of a stone staircase with no railing, the Cylons would have taken yahrens to get to them.

Understandable: who would want to be wearing a pinball-faced sardine can when you slipped and fell clanking down a hundred stone stairs, and who would get you out of that suit to rescue you, a paramedic or a paramechanic?