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Sunday, June 12, 2022

Legion of Super-Thrones

When Dave Cockrum redesigned Duo Damsel's costume in the early 1970s, one-half the outfit was purple and the other orange, divided down the middle. When Duo Damsel split into her two selves, one wound up wearing an all-purple costume, while the other was all in orange.

 Chameleon Boy quipped "Very of you is dressed in orange, the royal colour of the days...while the other wears purple, the colour of the nights!" 

Inspired by that comic, I painted these thrones in purple and orange. 


Sean Woods said...

The royal purple is exceptional. The drybrush (?) on the seat makes it look like crushed velvet.

Earl J. Woods said...

Thank you! I tried the same trick with the orange throne, but the two shades of orange were too close in colour to really show up like the purple.