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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Ti Refreshments

These vending machines needed some kind of branding, so I conceptualized the simplest logo I thought I might be able to paint with a very fine brush. At first it was just a stylized T, but then I added the small i, driven by some strange impulse. While imperfect, I think my crude branding looks slightly better than nothing. 

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Jeff Shyluk said...

The goal of icon creation is to jam as much information possible and to make it as simple and legible as possible using a tiny space - as opposed to iconography, where you try to be as orthodox as possible and avoid Purgatory, yet remain sane and keep from developing strabismus.

If you look up a fellow named John Maeda, he has a lot of somewhat self-serving yet decent instruction on the topic. What you've done is attribute form in search of a function. Since it's purely decorative, you are safe to stop there. Even so, you've no doubt run against the limits of what is possible with a paintbrush (for a non-Master, anyway, ie. 99.99999% of painters). That dictates the form of the design. Now imagine what you'd have to do if you really needed a specific function, such as "Marquee Wand Boolean Deselector" or "Vend Cherry Cola Jarritos".