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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Frank Horrigan Kills a Deathclaw

I must say, this may be my favourite painting outcome so far. This is a 28mm-scale Fred Horrigan, the Enclave enforcer from Fallout 2. He's a unique super mutant, even bigger than other super mutants, which made the painting easier; this is a pretty large miniature compared to most of the Fallout characters I paint. 

I really wanted to do justice to this mini, so I took my time and watched a YouTube tutorial on this specific model. It was very helpful, employing techniques I don't use often enough, and luckily I had all the paints the YouTuber used on his Frank. 

For some reason my photos of the backs of miniatures always turn out better than my photos of their fronts...anyway, in this photo you can see the shades and highlights that bring the miniature to life. All told I think I spent about four hours painting this, and the results were worth it. 


Jeff Shyluk said...

This is impressive! You've come a long ways. Imagine what you will be able to do this time next year! I like the little details, but also that you're not overloading the model with extra colours or effects. The paint job is one of the most unified efforts I've seen you make. It's clean and accurate - nice work!

Earl J. Woods said...

Thank you so much, Jeff!