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Monday, November 21, 2022

Moon Buggy with Alphan

Over lunch today, painted the astronaut that goes with my previously-painted moon buggy. While the helmet is reminiscent of those found in 2001: A Space Odyssey, the suit itself (along with the moon buggy) brings to mind those used in Space: 1999, so I chose orange, white, and yellow as this astronaut's spacesuit colours. 

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Jeff Shyluk said...

Man, that would be fun to drive around on The Moon, even if a nuclear accident blew it out of Earth's orbit back in 1999.

I had it in my head that the spacesuits from 2001 and 1999 were a lot closer in design, but they aren't. Also, I always thought that both were a little goofy to look at (but comfortable enough for the actors who weren't putting on Apollo-Era bulk). Now I find out that the old 1970's-style EVA suits are considered too dangerous to wear and that the Artemis spacesuits are sleeker and more adaptable to human movement, not too far unlike those science fiction outfits.

Geek Alert: I've discovered that there were only six spacesuits made for Space:1999. If more than six characters were depicted in them, the actors had to take turns wearing them onscreen. Victor Bergman's suit was the only one with a functional pocket. Helena Russell's suit was "worn" by a stripper who peeled it off piece by piece to pose nude in a 1977 edition of The Sun newspaper of London. Houston, we have lift-off!