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Monday, September 18, 2023

Autumnal Geekquinox 2023: The Barbenheimer Affair

"I am become Chef, creator of Worlds . . . of flavour." 

Pete could have said this, but instead he lived these words by preparing a multi-course meal inspired by two of this year's biggest critical and commercial film hits, Barbie and Oppenheimer

To begin with, just look at that menu. Not only is he a creative culinary force, he's also a damn fine writer and graphic designer. 

Enough fawning, on to the food and friendship: 

Sylvia loved her Barbies as a child, so she was well equipped to doll herself up (pun intended) for the event. The best I could do was to don my only pink shirt (a holdover from Gaming & Guinness created by Steve) to serve as a sort of bargain-basement Ken. 

Here's "Pink just looks so good on toast," a savoury concoction that burst on the palate when consumed. There's lox, capers, tomato, and avocado in there. Oof! Chef's kiss. 

I haven't seen Oppenheimer yet, but this juicy rosemary chicken breast is so named for a nude scene in the film. I'll understand the context eventually, but yesterday the flavour was far more important than the reference. The chicken may look unassuming in this photo, but it was irresistible. 
"It's so ($#&%*# good!" 

The atomic turds were hot, hot, hot, but I managed to eat two anyway. Bacon, cream cheese, jalapeno, and sausage, all wrapped up in one explosive package! 

"Is that going to be too hot too handle?"

I hate mushrooms. But I have a self-imposed rule about Geekquinox: If it's on the menu, I must AT LEAST try it. I devoured two of these thanks to the generous heaps of garlic-infused cheese Pete stuffed into these Mushroom Clouds. That's more than enough juicy flavour to overcome my distaste for mushrooms.

"Surprised you, huh?"

Call Them Trinity . . . fondant potatoes stuffed to overflowing with a trio of cheeses. A delectable accompaniment for the main meat course . . .

"MORE MEAT . . ."

No, not another serving of atomic turds, though they would have been welcome. This is Oppenheimer's Vision--pork belly burnt ends. Melt-in-your-mouth tenderness and palate-pleasing flavour in every bite.
"I am become Chef . . . wait, you already used that joke." Pete as Barbenheimer himself! 

Barbie herself dropped in to present the Barbieland Cloud, made from scratch, just like everything else on the menu. It was moist beyond belief. 

"We can't eat another bite! Look, Pete's passing out." 

"Hey Steve, did you know you can read all about this event on your blog?" 

"Yes, Earl, because I WROTE IT." 

The four Barbie girls that graced our Barbie world on Saturday. 

And of course, Ellen's traditional group photo. 

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I have the best friends. Thanks to Pete and Ellen for another fantastic gathering, and to the rest of you fine folks for coming out and sharing another evening of loving laughter. 

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