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Saturday, October 07, 2023

A Fresh Coat of Paint

A few years ago, I painted this little ship purple and added some grime and rust to create a post-apocalyptic feel. More recently, I found some little boat doodads at the same scale. So I repainted the model battleship grey and added the doodads; a mooring hook, anchor chain, some light weapons, lights, life preservers, a mounted set of binoculars, and one of those flashing thingees used to signal other ships. 

1 comment:

Jeff Shyluk said...

An Aldis or Signal Lamp. You don't put one of these things on your ride unless you know Morse Code. Of course, any good Star Trek fan can communicate in Morse. "Stand Back" or anagrams of that, anyways.

Not a lot of people use Morse anymore, but Aldis operators often use shortened code phrases to communicate quickly.